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Welcome to Vikara Coaching

My name is Harpreet Chana. I am a qualified pharmacist, a project management consultant, trainer/facilitator, international speaker, a professional executive coach and the founder of Vikara Coaching and Consulting.


Here at Vikara Coaching we focus on transformation; taking on a consultative approach, we work with senior executives, professionals and leaders like yourselves and we catapult you and your team from frustration, stagnation or mediocrity to success, growth and fulfilment. We do this by refocusing your life, renewing your energy and controlling the chaos.


Together, we smash through the obstacles that are keeping you from true success and help you to achieve your true potential in both your personal and professional life.

Get in touch to find out more, and start your transformation today.

what we do

Vikara (Sanskrit): to transform/change. Change of form, change of mind.




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